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The Premier League is the top division in England and one of the highest quality leagues in the world. The competition has twenty clubs and each club plays 38 matches during the season. The league was formed in 1992 and replaced the old Football League First Division. The champion of the English Premier League in the 2014/2015 season is Chelsea.

The Premier League is the most watched football League across the world. It drives in hundreds of millions of fans every year and is home to some of the richest clubs in football. The Premier League also contains some of the fiercest rivalries of the beautiful game. Not only has this League got a high volume of viewers but also has a huge betting market. Gambling on football brings in an estimated £1 billion of revenue each year, whilst attendance globally is higher than ever before. With it being such a competitive sport you have plenty of online betting sites to choose from.

Find the latest information about the premier league including links to the very best club and league sites, standings and tables.

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